Caveman - The Story Behind the Stone Age Game

Let's meet Julien the Art Director who is behind the 'Stone Age" game Caveman

How did you get the idea to create a runner game at the Stone age era? 
We wanted a real challenge. Something that will truly motivate the player to run. What's more motivating than a T-rex chasing you?
So, stone age it is. But our stone age is a fantasy one. I wanted this game to be fun, not accurate.
It's a stone age from a 6 years old point of view.

What's your favorite dino in Caveman and why? 
My favorite dinosaur is kind of hidden in the game, it's the baby parasaurolophus getting out of is egg. So cute. Try to find it...

Why did you choose this gameplay (Speed Up or Slow Down)? 
While we were looking for new concepts for our next games, we thought of this new way of controlling the player with only one finger.
What if you only control the speed of the player, up for speed and down for low.  
It's seem fun but challenging. This was exactly what we were looking for : it's simple but not that easy to master.
We built the game around this gameplay. It's all about the gameplay!

What's you secret to reach the high score on Caveman game?
Anticipation is the key for a great score.
But if you really want to be the best, you'll need to upgrade your bonuses in the store and use the 3 continues you're allowed.

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