What is Uplike app?

On Uplike, you can capture your favorite moments with Music and share them with your community. #1 Select from the millions of tracks the best song for your videos, photos or selfies. #2 Capture your best moments #3 Share them and impress your friends! EXPLORE - Browse millions of videos and photos shared by the Uplike community. Make new friends from all over the world and discover new inspirations: beauty tutorials, nail art, hairstyles, fitness videos, fashion, cooking, sports, tattoos, cute pets, cars and much more! SHOOT - Record your own original videos up to 30 seconds long and add your favorite song from millions of tracks. Share it with the world or save it privately so only you can see it. INTERACT - Send private messages (videos, photos, music) with Uplike Messenger and Connect with your audience. You can chat with up to 10 friends at the same time! Any feedback or questions? Contact us at info@uplike.com or uplike us at @uplike

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