How can I chat with my friends on Uplike?

Nothing easier! Uplike chat is a feature that allows you to discuss with your friends and people who share the same interests as you! Chat with up to 10 friends at the same time! 

First of all, click on the “envelope” at the top of your screen:

Then, click on “start a new chat”:

Select the friends you want to have a private conversation with. Pay attention, you can speak with one to 10 people maximum at the same time! To add your friends, you have to click on the yellow button close to their profile image:

The users you have selected appear at the top of your screen:

You can choose your friends typing their names on the “search by name” field:

When you have selected the users you are interested in, click on the “arrow’‘at the top of your screen:

Add the Uplike image you want from one of our categories:

Now the uplike you selected appears on the chat, you can write the message and send it by clicking on ’'ok”:

The message and the uplike have been sent to the group in your chat! You can continue to chat with the group writing on the “reply” field; and if you want to add another uplike, click on “+”:

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