Moderation guidelines

On Uplike, you can capture your favorite moments with Music and share them with your community.

We would like to remind you that the content and information you uplike are in the public domain.
For that reason, before you share content on Uplike make sure you have the right to do so. We want people to feel safe when using Uplike. Furthermore, to guarantee the safety of our users the following content is not allowed on Uplike:

Sexual Violence and Exploitation
Bullying and Harassment
Criminal Activity
Violence and Graphic Content
Hate Speech
Attacks on Public Figures
Regulated Goods (drugs, alcohol, prescription, firearms)

There are 3 different ways to moderate the content published on Uplike.

             1. Daily active moderation 24/24.

Our moderation team may block all the abusive and inappropriate content.


             2. Automatic moderation by algorithm.

Uplike internal algorithm identifies in real time, 24/7, the content shared on our apps and website and helps to prevent abusive content.

              3. Registered users can also help us moderate abusive content. 

To learn how to report inappropriate content, see the screenshots below:
Clicking on the button "Flag as inappropriate or offensive".

A new page will be opened, here it's necessary to fill out the requested fields: 
First name
Last name
Report Reasons

After that click on the button "Send report".

Users will receive a message by Uplike who tell them" This Uplike has been successfully reported".

It's possible that content that you don't like or that bothers you is not in violation of our Community Standards. For this reason, it's essential to contact us for avoidance of doubt.

Any feedback or questions? Contact us at or uplike us at @uplike

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