What's Tattoo Saga

Tattoo Girl, is a fun game available for free on iOS and Android devices.

There's a new tattooed girl in town, she loves tattoos and wants to challenge you with a new game. Tattoo lovers or just looking for a free game, Tattoo Girl is definitely for you!

It is super-easy to learn: tap, hold, and then drag your finger over a group of 3 or more of the same tattoos. Be fast and reach the target score within a limited time-frame.

Can you top the leaderboards and challenge your friends?

Some tips to challenge your friends: 

  •  There are 6 types of tattoos with different colors which are automatically generated at random positions on the map.
  • Matching the same colour fruits in high scale can generate special fruits which can clear 1 column, 1 row or clear all the same colour fruits with the choose one.
  •  You have special tattoos which can help you!
  • - At each level, you'll find out the score achieved by your Uplike friends. Challenge them by scoring higher than them. Your moves are limited so think twice before making one.
  • - At the end of each level, you'll see your score, and need to get one star at least to go in the next level.

** YOU'LL LOVE Tattoo Girl ** Download the game for Free and become completely stylish too!

Tattoo Girl is entirely Free. 

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