How to play Rainy Cat?

Rainy cat is really easy to play it!!Here are some tips that may help you! 

"It's raining cats and dogs" so leap to stay dry as long as you can, with Rainy cat.

An extremely simple but challenging endless jumping games. Jump from platform to platform as quick as possible until the cat get soaked or falls.

But "watch your steps" platforms are not at the same distance.

The play game is easy!!! Tap your screen for a little jump and swipe it for a long one. (as shown below. )

Short jump: tap                      Long jump: swype

Some tips to challenge yourself:

  • Don't forget to pick some fish when you run away, they can be used to continue when you loose or to buy some bonus! 
  • More you jump quickly more you have distance with the giant rainy cloud!! So hurry up!! 
  • You loose again and want to continue your game but you don't have enough fish? just look at our vidéo reward and keep jumping.

How long can you keep jumping ? Wet you, try it !

** YOU'LL LOVE Rainy Cat ** Download the game for Free and become completely in love with Rainy !

Rainy Cat is entirely Free.

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